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Qualified Ex BT Engineer, Telephone Engineer Covering Chester & The Greater Manchester Area, Telephone & Broadband Installs and Repair, Telephone Extensions, Computer Network Cabling, etc.

Telephone Engineers Chester, Waverton, Saltney, Ellesmere Port, Frodsham, Northwich, Cheshire & Lancashire. 

Please Contact Engineer Mark Your Ex BT Openreach Engineer: 07842 387822

All our Charges are a Fraction of your service providers & NO VAT !

Having a problem with your telephone / broadband line and you require an experienced telephone broadband engineer ?. Are your service providers charges to unacceptably high and they are also charging you an extra 20% VAT ?, Are you getting NO help from there engaged busy call centre ?. Which ever service provider you are with we can help, our services are ALL AT FRACTION of theres & NO 20% VAT. I'm an Ex BT Openreach engineer and all my work will be at the same if not a better quality standard. No Call Centre, you will go straight through to your local telephone engineer. Service providers visit and hourly charges have become far to expensive for common place repairs, eg, BT'S Highcallout plus vat then hourly rate on engineers time also over the top prices on parts. Please contact for residential / business repairs & installations

Our charges are at a Fraction of your Service Providers & NO 20% VAT.              

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  Telephone & Broadband Services Chester.

* Telephone wiring faults
* Telephone line related broadband problems
* Telephone ringing faults
* Diagnose source of noisy telephone line faults
* Supply & fit master adsl sockets
* Telephone extension sockets
* Supply & fit internal / external loud bell ringers
* Replace old cabling or take redundant cable away
* Installing multi line telephone cabling
* Cat 5/6 cabling
* Business telephone systems    
*  New telephone line installation.
* Telephone extensions
* New telephone main sockets
* Broadband powerline adapters
* Computer Sockets ( rj45 ).
*  Underground telephone cable
* Professional sevice.
* Quick response. weekend & evenings.

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Telephone Engineers covering Chester, Waverton, Saltney, Ellesmere Port, Frodsham, Northwich, Hartford, Winsford, Runcorn, Widnes, Cheshire & Lancashire.